Joe Van Gogh, Inc.

We serve localy roasted Joe Van Gogh House blend and City Lights blend daily.  We also use Joe Van Gogh esspresso. Enjoy!


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Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Co.


At the Groovy Duck Bakery, we proudly serve Eastern Shore Coastal Roasting Marsh Mud Cold Brew Iced Coffee! Owners Kristen and Jamie are long time friends of bakery owner Beth Flynn.  Their coffee is roasted on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. They roast small batches of green coffee beans grown sustainably from around the world. What this means for you? Coffee that is so fresh, chances are, by the time you get your cup, it hasn't been more than a few days since it was roasted.


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Our Baristas have combined experience of over 20 years under their belts and they are so excited to be here in this new location where they can let their creative juices flow!  They love having a close relationship with the bean roasters.  The espresso drinks are made with love and care from beginning to end! Delicious!