Where in the World is the Groovy Duck?

Beth would like to carry on the tradition of the travel duck. For many years her customers would take the travel duck on vacation. Here we have just a fraction of the pictures collected over the years!

Here's how it works...

You go to the shop, ask for a travel duck, take pictures while your there, bring back our duck and picture(s), get a free muffin and go on the wall of fame!

Just so you are aware...we prefer pictures without people(unless they are the subject) and it must be an official duck from our shop. Creativity garantees a spot on the wall!

The duck has suction cups and can stick to many surfaces. It's thin and fits well in statue hands (or mouths). Much to our delight, if you're near Tut's tomb...you can wrap it up in gauze to look like a mummy duck! HAVE FUN!